Our Services

You should still contact us even if you need services which are not listed above. We have a large network of trusted advisers including other law firms, litigation funders, junior and senior barristers, and other professionals like migration agents, accountants, brokers, financial planners, and tax agents.

Pricing and Costs

White Knight Lawyers is committed to providing affordable legal services. We do this by offering flexible costs arrangements at competitive prices.

We offer fixed fees, hourly rates, hybrid arrangements including hourly rates with a fixed ceiling cap, and even conditional costs agreements (no win/no fee). Our costs structure will depend on the legal services and scope of work involved.

We also have relationships with litigation funders who can provide funds for prosecuting legal claims in exchange for receiving an agreed proportion of any funded recovery.

White Knight Lawyers is proud to offer discounted legal services to holders of Australian Veteran Cards, serving members of the Australian Defence Force, and individuals on either a Disability Support Pension or Age Pension. We also provide pro bono legal services in special interest cases.