About Us


About Us

Welcome to White Knight Lawyers

White Knight Lawyers is an independent Australian corporate law firm that offers diverse litigation, transactional, and advisory legal services.

At White Knight Lawyers, we focus on:

  • delivering efficient, reliable, and transparent high quality legal services across diverse corporate and commercial practice areas;
  • ensuring that we perform all of our legal engagements with your commercial environment or personal circumstances in mind; and
  • adopting best legal practice and maintaining high quality operational and cultural standards including implementing legal technology which offers value.


We strive to be diligent, intelligent, and affordable.

We maintain a strict adherence to our professional ethical obligations and to our firm’s own moral code which permeates throughout its culture and operations.

Meena Hanna

Principal Solicitor

Diligent, Intelligent, Affordable

We are diligent because we are passionate about what we do. As your trusted advisers, we are empathetic and non-judgemental. We approach every engagement with your personal and business needs front of mind and in the strictest confidence. We know that legal engagements are often stressful, so we are committed to being responsive and available to you when you need us most.

We are intelligent because we are committed to what we do. Every engagement receives its own care and analysis. We rely on our significant experience and education when approaching every matter. We know that legal engagements often have serious personal and commercial implications, so we are committed to solving your problems and considering every angle.

We are affordable because we are accessible. Our fee structures are flexible and competitively priced. We approach every engagement with the aim of minimising your legal costs. We know that legal engagements are often expensive and time consuming, so we are committed to being affordable and commercially minded.

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