White Knight Lawyers is proud to announce that its principal solicitor, Meena Hanna, has been awarded the Ross Waite Parsons Postgraduate Coursework Law Scholarship by The University of Sydney at its annual 2021 Prize Giving Ceremony.

The University of Sydney describes its 2021 Prize Giving Ceremony as ‘recognition of high-achieving students’.

“In one of The University of Sydney Law School’s largest annual events, over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the recent Prize Giving Ceremony on 20 May 2021.”

The Scholarship will support Meena while he completes the Master of Taxation (coursework program) at The University of Sydney. This Masters coursework compliments the Master of Laws, Master of Arts (Writing), Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours), and Bachelor of Business (Accounting), already conferred on Meena.

Meena and the firm take continued legal education very seriously because it allows us to stay on top of an ever changing complex legal landscape so that we can best service our clients.

A link to the 2021 Prize Giving Ceremony of The University of Sydney is here